Manestreet Ferndown offers both excellent value and a high-end finish. From a simple wash and blow dry to a full restyle our hair stylists are here to look after you throughout your experience.

CUT & STYLINGJunior StylistGraduate StylistStylistSenior Stylist
Wash, Cut & Finish£27.00£32.00£37.00£44.00
Long Hair Wash, Cut & Finish£32.00£37.00£42.00£49.00
Dry Cut (At stylists discretion)£16.50£22.00£25.50£30.00
Wash & Cut£18.00£24.00£27.50£32.00
Wash & Blow Dry£16.00£20.00£24.00£28.00
Long Hair Wash & Blow Dry£21.00£25.00£29.00£33.00
Hair Up£40.00£40.00£45.00
MEN'S STYLINGJunior StylistGraduate StylistStylistSenior Stylist
Wash, Cut & Finish£15.00£20.00£24.00£29.00
Dry Cut£13.00£17.50£21.00£25.00

(Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with Selected Stylists)

Junior & Graduate StylistStylistSenior Stylist
Wash, Cut & Finish£26.00£28.00£30.50
Wash & Cut£16.50£18.50£20.00
Dry Cut (At stylists discretion)£16.00£18.00£19.50
Blow Dry£16.00£18.00£19.00
Shampoo & Set£15.50£17.00£18.00
Gentleman's Hair Cut£14.50£17.00£18.50
Perm (Not Inclusive of Finish)£43.00£47.00£47.00
Colour (Full head application)£39.00£41.00£41.00
CHILDREN'S PRICE LISTJunior StylistGraduate StylistStylist
0-5 Years Dry Cut£9.00£12.00£15.00
6-13 Years Dry Cut£15.00£17.00£21.00
6-13 Years Wash & Cut£17.00£20.00£2300
6-13 Years Wash, Cut & Finish£23.00£23.00£30.00
10% student discount available with NUS card
Our colour team is run by our two Wella accredited master colour experts
COLOUR MENUJunior & Graduate StylistStylist & Senior Stylist
Root Colour Application£39.00£43.00
Root Colour & Refresh Ends£44.00£48.00
Full Head Colour£48.00£51.50
On Scalp Bleach (inc toner)£50.00£57.00
Long / thick hair surcharge £10
Colour & Flashlights (Up to 10 packets of foils)£50.00£54.00
Colour & Half head Highlights£60.00£67.00
Half Head Highlights£45.00£55.00
Half Head Highlights & Toner£50.00£60.00
Full Head Highlights£57.00£68.00
Full Head Highlights & Toner£62.00£73.00
Parting Highlights£35.00£45.00
Balagage (including all toners)£80.00-£90.00
Ombre (Including all toners)£85.00-£95.00
Creative Colours and Colour Correction - Price on Consultation
Blowdry After Colour Service£15.00£20.00
Wellaplex Added to Colour£10.00£10.00
Wellaplex Conditioning Treatment£15.00£15.00
Tone After Colour£10.00£10.00
Toner (stand alone service)£20.00£20.00
All on scalp applications require a skin test 48 hours prior to first application.
All colour and perming services are excluding finish
Long / thick hair surcharge £10
PERMINGJunior & Graduate StylistStylist & Senior Stylist
Full Head£59.00£61.00
Half Head£50.00£52.00
Long Hair£69.00£71.00